Comedy in my Opinion

We see this happen regularly as we interact with people. This is why I believe that life itself is a comedy to those who are victors and tragedy to those who are victims. For instance, if I pass by a group of students and hear one of them say something like, “Yesterday I did not came to school”, I may laugh if I know that the grammatical construction of that statement is faulty. On the other hand, if I don’t know that the sentence is faulty grammatically; such statement will not appeal to my sense of humour. The same thing will happen if a comedian comes on stage and makes jest of ungrammatical or exotic diction of our former First Lady. It is only those that know better that will laugh. I do know that a few members of the audience who don’t know better may still laugh. In My Opinion, I believe they only laugh to conceal their ignorance of the subject of distortion.