Terms and Conditions

These conditions comprise the agreement between Ritsam Ventures (herein after referred to as “we”, “us” and “our”) and the client (herein after referred to as “you” and “your”) in connection with the contract to use https://www.afrinotes.net on a renewed weekly/monthly/yearly subscription.

It’s not an exaggeration to say Afrinotes is the only web site which you can get the best and authentic educational and reference materials from the African continent at very little or no price at all. We know how frustrating it could be for one to surf the net day and night but find no reference materials at all, or a few substandard ones to be bought with quite an outrageous amount.

All materials on this site are free to read, copy, print or downloaded by subscribed members only. You know of course that plagiarism is a crime against humanity. So, if you’ll like to copy, print or download any of our materials to be used for academic purposes such as an assignment, a test or term paper, or in any work to be published on the Internet or in print, please make sure you cite the sources accordingly. You’ll see the citation popup window at the end of every document published on this site.

For whom much is given, you know of course, that much is also expected. So, we’ll welcome your kind contribution of your critical essays, book reviews or summaries and analyses to be published on this site so that other people can also share. If you’ll like to submit any material to us for publication, please make sure that your book review, essays, summaries and analyses are mainly on African works. Your document should be sent in an MS WORD file ONLY so that we can edit it if necessary. For organisation of your document, please read another similar document on the site to see how they’re arranged. We reserve the right to reject any material whose content, we believe, does not meet our requirement. We’re not mandated to return any unpublished material to you and we’ll never use it for any other purpose.

The most important thing in regards to how you write a critical analysis is to let your topic stand out in quality and presentation. Let it engage the average reader. You should click on the category which your write-up falls on to see how each section is arranged.

Please be aware that we do some minor editing to all submitted materials to make them optimally readable for a reference site like ours. For example, we may add more paragraph breaks, and we usually italicize book titles. We may add or change a few words here and there to make your work clearer and easily readable. Sometimes, we may remove an idea that may not be very correct or misleading. We may also add vital information that may have been omitted. By submitting your reviews, essays, summaries and analyses to Afrinotes, you agree that we are allowed to make these minor changes before publishing it.

Please also note that we only receive materials in MS Word format only.

Self Promotion
When submitting your summaries and analyses, you are strongly advised that you write your own profile in the biodata section on the form and attached your most recent passport photograph. For your credit, we will use such details to create a unique author page for you and link it to all your publications.

Length of Material
The minimum words is 1000 words for summary and analysis of poems and 3000 words for summary and analysis of prose and drama.

For now, we only pay for Summary and Analysis. Book reviews, Critical Essays and Short Stories are submitted for free. Currently, we pay $15 per submission for Summary and Analysis of Drama and Prose and $5 for Poetry. Please note that contributors residing in Nigeria will be paid in local currency at the current exchange rate and bank deposit transfer within Nigerian banks is free. If you reside outside Nigeria, we’ll send your money via Electronic Wire Transfer (EWT) or Paypal when your earnings reach the threshold of $100 USD (EWT) $10 USD (PayPal). Transfer to PayPal is free while processing fee for each EWT transfer is $20 USD irrespective of the amount.

On our part, we are ready and committed to serve you better and for us to be able to do that, you MUST agree to the following terms and conditions before we can execute our contract:

  • That your subscription rate is subject to weekly/monthly/ yearly renewal.
  • That at the event of non renewal of this contract, you’ll be denied access to use the site whether as a reader or writer.
  • That we can review the subscription charges at any time if need arises.
  • As a writer, you MUST not republish any material you have sold to us elsewhere, electronically or in print.
  • As a writer, you MUST not send plagiarized material to us for publication.
  • That we have the moral and legal right to reject any content that violates either the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria or any other known international laws.
  • That at the event of any breach of contract either party can only seek redress at a court of competent jurisdiction and MUST NEVER result to violent attack on any individual or organization.