Write and Earn

Our vision in Afrinotes is to publish summaries and analysis of all the literary works written by Africans—prose, poetry and drama. We can never do this alone! Whether you read English Literature in college or not, you can earn a living writing summaries and analysis for us. Whether you are writing full-time or part-time, you can make up to $100 weekly writing for us!

Before you write, do a simple search by typing the title of the work or topic on the site to see if they are not already published. If summary and analysis have been written on that work, pick up another work and search again. If there is no publication on it, you can write on it and send it to us for evaluation and publication.

We strongly advise that you have read the play, poem or novel you want to write on thoroughly enough to summarize and analyze it. What we need is thorough and in-depth critical analyses which can be cited as reference material; not just a snippet or synopsis that can be found all over the Internet.

As a professional, take time to research your subject and do justice to it! Don’t just write info that’s available on Wikipedia pages. If there is a Wikipedia page on your topic, try and look for citation sources at the bottom of the page. Google Books and Google Scholar are also good places for research. However, the best place to source for original ideas is published books.


The most important thing in regards to how you write a critical analysis is to let your topic stand out in quality and presentation. Let it engage the average reader. You should click on the category which your write-up falls on to see how each section is arranged.

Please be aware that we do some minor editing to all submitted materials to make them optimally readable for a reference site like ours. For example, we may add more paragraph breaks, and we usually italicize book titles. We may add or change a few words here and there to make your work clearer and easily readable. Sometimes, we may remove an idea that may not be very correct or misleading. We may also add vital information that may have been omitted. By submitting your reviews, essays, summaries and analyses to Afrinotes, you agree that we are allowed to make these minor changes before publishing it.


Please also note that we only receive materials in MS Word format only.

Self Promotion

When submitting your summaries and analyses, you are strongly advised write your own profile in the biodata section on the form and attached your most recent passport photograph. For your credit, we will use such details to create a unique author page for you and link it to all your publications.

Length of Material

The minimum words is 1000 words for summary and analysis of poems and 3000 words for summary and analysis of prose and drama.


For now, we only pay for Summary and Analysis. Book reviews, Critical Essays and Short Stories are submitted for free. Currently, we pay $15 per submission for Summary and Analysis of Drama and Prose and $5 for Poetry. Please note that contributors residing in Nigeria will be paid in local currency at the current exchange rate and bank deposit transfer within Nigerian banks is free. If you reside outside Nigeria, we’ll send your money via Electronic Wire Transfer (EWT) or Paypal when your earnings reach the threshold of $100 USD (EWT) $10 USD (PayPal). Transfer to PayPal is free while processing fee for each EWT transfer is $20 USD irrespective of the amount.

Ready to start?

If you’d like to write for Afrinotes, click here to submit your material for evaluation. Please make sure you’ve read Our Terms and Conditions before you do so. Thank you for being a part of putting African Literature online!